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    Here's a screenshot of DKNY's FB wall from yesterday, i don't want to stretch out the whole page so i scaled it down a bit:


    Here it is with full res, if you want to read the wall posts as well:
    The story behind this is not really interesting at least from IM POV, what is interesting that if you have a few FB accounts or you can gather a few together (e.g. for a greater cause like PETA did it), you can catch quite a big attention on a wall just using noticeable letters and blank white images as profile pics!

    It's something like if you tweet upside down on twitter or if you use special characters, ASCII art.

    So what i'd like to say with this post: You NeeD To STanD ouT SoMeHoW To CaTCH aTTeNTioN!

    I barely read any tweets which contains link(s) especially if it's not catching my attention. However i've just read a tweet which caught my attention, but not because of the above reasons, but because of what was in it: "Twitter doesn't let me post this: blablabla"

    So if you use a method which catches attention and write a quite decent, imaginative tweet/wall post, success will come!
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