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DISQUS Ban - How to get around it

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Jacob300, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Jacob300

    Jacob300 Newbie

    Mar 13, 2016
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    I used to post on a website I really liked for a few years. Never had a problem. A new "politically correct" moderator came on and started banning bloggers this moderator disagreed with. If someone criticized a political figure this moderator liked, that moderator banned them. No warning which is what the site rules say - people are supposed to get 3 warnings. Appealing to the site does not good and no one even responds to emails. Any help would be appreciated.

    NOTE: I am not someone who swears or attacks other bloggers on blogs (I ignore bloggers who do this - so much easier - life is too short to bother with them). I blog to learn information by reading the website links other people post and their comments and I respond to their posts if I find them interesting with comments (agreeing or not) with a website link supporting my position. I am not always perfect but I never called other bloggers names although I might call a political figure a liar and post a website link supporting my position. Moderators that ban for politically incorrectness or who ban because they don't like what a moderator said about a political person is plain wrong. While I still blog on many other websites (some for 10+ years) with zero problems, I still like that website which uses DISQUS and I would like to blog on it again and if I am lucky enough to get back on, I will be extra careful since I know that it has a moderator bans at will with no warnings.
  2. shaqattaq

    shaqattaq Newbie

    Mar 1, 2016
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    Use cyberghost and a private window.