Disguising a Facebook ‘Like’ link

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    The Facebook Like button allows people to share interesting sites they find, with their friends on Facebook. You can place a Like button on any web page and when a user clicks on it, a story appears in the user?s friends? News Feed with a link back to your website. Using some clever CSS, you can disguise the Like button to look like something else and trick people to click on the button [​IMG]

    Update: As a commenter pointed out. This does not work in Internet Explorer because it lacks support for pointer-events. It does work in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
    Disguising Facebook Like button (iframe)

    In the example button below, I?ve disguised the Like button to look like a button that might be used to move between different pages. If you click on it, you?ll be Liking my blog.
    (If you don?t see the custom Like button above, go to the http://www.esrun.co.uk/blog/facebook_like.html)
    Result (iframe)

    The result of clicking on the above customised Like button is a post going out to all my friends on Facebook letting them know I like http://www.esrun.co.uk
    As yet, I haven?t found a way to redirect a user after they click, due to browser security policies on third party content loaded in iframes.
    Code (iframe)

    This http://www.esrun.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/facebook_like_code.txt is ready to rock. Just swap out ?href=http://www.esrun.co.uk? with your own URL and replace the background URL for #fake_facebook_button in the CSS.