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    :cow04:Hi there, I'm quite new to these forum and I have read few threads concerning successes and failures (mostly scams) in the IM world. Now most of this threads are from US, Canada or Europe or Foreigners going to Non-US lands creating a company which most of us don't have the capital to fund.:cow04:

    To start off I would like to state that everything takes effort and every problem has a solution and that is why I'm starting this thread
    Please state your country and the detailed problem you are having. I'm going state with the general problems and possible (Solutions)
    1) No money to start business or IM (I'm currently applying for a job to get that capital, gone through part-time jobs)
    2) No paypal account or any e-commerce account (Asked my parents to borrow there paypal account when I was young, I have my own now)
    3) To young to start so no money ( Offered tutoring services, save allowances)
    4) Not very good at English (This is why I joined the forum in the first place so I could practice, I also read reference materials in my spare time)----------And yes I know I'm not quite good yet (too wordy).

    So I'm going to begin, I'm from the Philippines (Global City)

    ****This were businesses that I have tried and failed:sad:
    1) Selling custom dog sweaters, was good in the first 3 months but most of the condo unit owners have already got one, tried to expand outside Taguig, got complaints that is teared or wanted refunds because of slow service and the slow transportation of the local couriers in Manila.
    2) I would like to go on is Amazon shipping or E bay.The problem with this the high tax demand of the customs bureau not to mention corrupted (I once bought a U2 ipod back in 2004, when it was delivered to me, it was replaced by a cheap Nokia cellphone, forgot what model. My mom told me they often steal and replace what products they fancy that is why here in the Philippines it popular to have this "Balikbayan" boxes where the custom bureau don't touch because of the strict monitoring)
    3) Started a twitter account offering as a personal assistant or tutoring and such but most talks or messages I got are either dick pics or hire me as escort and would like to have "Extra service" (I was 16 at the time and learned that there are a lot of pedophiles) that is why I only advertise at school when I'm tutoring
    4) Money changer (yeah I'm not going to talk about it, it was so bad I have 2 million in debt):crucified

    ****Current niche's I'm trying to go at :privateey
    1) For some reason, at my country being white is a big deal. The most popular products are whitening pills,soaps, lotions that guarantees to make you look whiter (I worked as a pharmacist and no amount of creams or pills are going to make you white if you have a natural brown complexion unless you have gluthatione injection sessions and avoid the sun like a vampire and applying sunscreen lotion at night).
    =====The problem is most clients would like to pay face to face because they can't apply a credit cards or have no debit cards, also the people who buy this type of product have low incomes
    2) I'm going to create a dating site of Filipinas to foreigners ( I know this is bad, but most women would sell their bodies in order to get out of this country, 5 of my classmates have already done this : while working at a certain company, my "supervisor" let me take "fully clothed"pictures of herself at work to her US boyfriend to get free phones, ipads, money.)
    =====The problem is I don't have technical website expertise, if someone can redirect me to this "Free online courses" it would be of help; also finding US or Canadians willing to date this kind of people
    3) Blogging of nude photos but I don't want to do it=== this is trending right now to pay with globe or smart money (Globe or Smart money are cellphone accounts). What I rather do is get those reviewers in Quiapo for the board exams, scan them and create a blog about them then let students become the main source in my blog. The problem with this I don't know how to advertise in the university belt.

    ++++++++What I am doing right now
    1) Practicing my answers for my interview next week (Thursday)
    2) Trying to get in at Postloop
    3) Lurk, Lurk, Lurk

    Any feedback or experiences are appreciated also I have 2500 pesos in my bank account (That's 50$) thank you for the read:thanks:
    CRITICISMs are what I need right now:whoo:
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