Discovered a legit way to get plays, likes, comments etc. from Soundcloud

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    I'm a musician. I've said it many times before on here. I've had a few Soundcloud "methods" in the past that have had great success, but they've died. I also got many accounts locked. As a musician I just want to promote my music - which people seem to enjoy - to a broader audience. If I had the money to pay for marketing I'd do it ... but these days I don't. Trying to do everything legit.

    Anyway, onto what I've discovered. Apologies if this has already been shared. I don't have the time to search. Even if it has been shared it's buried now. So here goes ...

    From my own testing I've found the secret to real plays, shares, comments etc is playlists. If you make great music, people add it to their playlists. For the most part it's regular people. But, they have friends/followers etc that listen to their playlists.

    I noticed recently that my own stuff was added to playlists. In all the years I'd totally neglected this part of Soundcloud. It explains where my plays come from!

    If you notice, all my tracks have been added to playlists: ... the following user created an entire playlist on my music ... All of my plays, and comments, come from these playlists.

    As an artist this feels great. To do it legitimately and know the people that interact with my music are real people.

    I'm going to focus a bit more on this and report any results back to the community. I know there's a handful of talented musicians on here.

    I don't think this is something that can be abused. Even if it could ... I'm not sure it'd be worth it in the long run.

    If anyone has any useful information to go with this I'd appreciate the response. I'm not as clued up on the legit side of marketing. Good with blackhat. Terrible with whitehat.

    I hope this helped someone.