Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

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    This is for everybody who has never used mechanical turk to get stuff done. It's one of the miracles of modern technology.

    Mturk is owned by amazon. There are employers (us) and employees (millions of dudes and dudettes from india, pakistan, romania, etc) who work very inexpensively.

    Instead of posting jobs, like "I need 200 blog comments" and one person gets the job like on vworker or odesk, mturk does is like this:

    You post what is a single HIT. A Hit might be "I want you to post a blog comment that says {blog comment} to this {blog}.

    Now here's where the beauty comes in....

    The terms {blog comment} and {blog} are variables that get pulled from a spreadsheet that you upload. So you can have a list of blogs and pre-written blog comments in a spreadsheet. Maybe a list of 2000.

    Then when each Turk accepts doing a HIT the next line of your spreadsheet is pulled and given to the turk. I used this just as an example. Use your imagination.

    Now here's the done dirt cheap part....

    The hits can be had for .02 or some crazy low numbers. And Mturk keeps track of how long on average hits take to complete, so you can adjust your price to make sure it's the lowest possible price and still get the job done.

    This is automation using workers, not software.

    Now is the part where you go to mechanical turk and figure out the details instead of posting a bunch of simple follow up questions.

    I would suggest just setting up a simple job like getting 50 hotmail accounts or youtube accounts created. Make your spreadsheet and populate it with account names and passwords and any other data that's needed to set up an account.

    LEARN how to use this. It's an invaluable tool.

    Ok.... here's HOW I used it just to give you a quick idea....

    I set up a blog.
    Created 10 posts on the blog.
    Then set up a MTurk job so that each hit was a comment on a different blog post.

    Now here's a small but important detail....

    You can assign multiple people to carry out one hit. So if a hit was a comment on blog entry 1, I can have that hit done 10 times.

    And here's why this is cool.... you tell the people to write their own comments, and you can quickly scan what everybody wrote and approve the comments that are cool, and not approve the ones that aren't.

    Like I said... use your imagination.... think outside the box.... like this.... lol

    like wonder what would happen if your hit was filling out some type of form online???? Or putting in an email address??????

    Just make sure to blend media buy traffic with your turk traffic if you're thinking about using this for dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
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    Very nice. Thanks for the share Luiza.
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    Bugger .... At this time Mechanical Turk does not support Requesters from countries outside the United States.