DirectTrack and Blacklisting? Ways To Fool The System?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by ``Yousef, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    If you've looked around or you're signed up to a fair few CPA networks you'll most likely realize that DirectTrack is the most commonly used affiliate platform (you can tell this by view of green dots denoting mandatory fields in the sign-up form).

    I have heard from various places that the DirectTrack platform has a blacklisting feature in place, so that once you become banned on one network you're banned and blacklisted from all other networks that run DirectTack.

    Whether this is a mere rumor or not, I am not sure, I would have thought each licensee of the software would be able to make their own choice about who is in or out of their network.

    Now, I'm planning on running a couple of BlackHat campaigns, hopefully amounting to $200-250 a day.

    My question is whether anyone knows what DirectTrack blacklists by? I would assume data such as name, email and phone number. Could you then simply sign up to each different network with a different name, different email and use a different sim card for a different number?

    Or would a spread of $10 a day across say 20 networks, 70% of which will probably run DirectTrack, suffice?

    If anyone has any information it would help me a lot, and I'm sure others too :).