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    Jul 21, 2010
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    i have found a high PR directory related to my niche, who has a summary of the top10 most visited websites on each page of the site.
    So if you are in the top10 most visited website , it give you a high PR backlink + 2k+ backlinks related to my niche.
    A competitor came from #9 to #3 by entering in this top10 summary , so this is good stuff ..

    Now i try to figure how can i enter in this top ten without any visitors on my website.

    basicly this directory gave me an image to put on my website to count my visitors .

    something like that :
    <img src="directorydomain / image[.]asp?id=123456">
    I wondering if a php spam referer script on this url image can do the work ? what do you think ?

    I tried to put the php script but i can't with the restriction , so no sharing :(

    thx for answers