Direct Partnership With Hot Diet Trial Offers (rebills) - Premium Payouts <<

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    We are looking for strong partners. Our partners will be working direct with us. We are looking for partners that can drive $10,000+ per month in gross sales.

    If you are able to do this please reply. We are offering direct partnership deals where the affiliate will get a lifetime profit share. This will be for the re-bills and recurring revenue generated to our products (from you).

    You will get a username and password to our CRM (customer relationship management) system. There you will be able to see the billing, consumer data, and etc. We payout weekly as well.

    Traffic Sources Accepted:

    • Media Buying
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Organic Traffic
    • Facebook
    The revenue share is open for negotiation. Really depends on how much volume you can drive and etc.

    Keep in mind this offer might not be for everyone. Here soon we will be placing our offer in the networks which will be a flat CPA payout (no volume required). Currently though we are only accepting high volume partners.
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