direct match domain and micro niche theme authority(30pages+) vs broader authority site?

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    Guys, whats your experience with the 2 above? which is more powerful in ranking?

    I want to rank for the keywords apes, snakes, tigers(just an example). These keywords are med-highly competitive each(again, just examples, they will most likely be not the same for the actual example keywords if you check):

    • no more then 2 sites in the top ten having below pr 3,
    • page backlinks between 100-1000 on average, mostly natural links, no IM spamming backlink building to those sites,
    • most or all in top 10 having the keyword/phrase in title, url(not domain), meta desc, text.
    • top spots in the serps are dominated by wikipedia, and broad niche related authority sites that are each not exclusively around animals, but animals, insects and bacteria... (again, just example niches).

    Now I could go and buy the domains apes, snakes, tigers dot com(exact if availiable or nearly exact match) and promote each with link building until I rank. I think these would have around 30-100 pages of unique high quality content when I am finished.

    The pro's about this strategy are

    • the exact match domain serp help,
    • as well as the sharp focus on the niche topic.(other advantages?)

    Since adsense would be the main monetization, I think I would get no benefit from interlinking those micro niche theme sites, since i.e. google would know anyways that they all belong to me. However, the more success I would have, the better the idea to open other adsense accounts, move the websites to different ip's, and interlink them for even more juice. But thats a big IF - IF they are successful ranking, IF the monetization is great...


    • difficult to rank inner pages with "low" page count,
    • every new website would start from zero link juice/pr,
    • higher cost for domains.


    I could buy i.e. the domain wonderfulworldofanimals dot com and make categories about apes, snakes, tigers and other jungle animals. Since I would have the same content, the site would now have around 90-300+ pages. The site structure would be a silo structure to make the serps understand the theme of the categories. Again I would promote the categories as well as the subpages with link building until I rank.

    The pro's about this strategy are:

    • that there would be more related content on one domain. The chance to rank other pages then the main page for long tails are higher, as far as I can see its hard to rank individual pages if the total page count of the website is low.(other advantages?)
    • I should be able to rank faster for new animals kw because of the authority of the website. If I am not successful in ranking jungle animals alone I could later on move on to other animals without damaging my theme much, and have instant authority bonus and fast rankings.
    • many more long tail rankings, but does that pay of in adsense?


    • I am not sure if it is possible to rank in the top 5 or even no1 for relatively high competitive terms like this one, and if not this means way lower adsense payouts. I have NO IDEA how lot's of (unique) long tail kw visits impact adsense earnings, if they pay off big time or if they are not even close to being no1 for the main term(ideas?).
    • One site, one server, one ip, meaning more risk. sure, with one adsense id on all pages there still would be all my sites at risk if google freaks out for some reason but I could make more adsense accounts mid/long term.

    Both schemes would have similar onpage optimization, both would contain highly relevant content to the se as well as to the users, and I could imagine that both would get links from visitors in mid/long term because the info is useful to them. Both would be aimed at "long term survival in the serps" meaning no sneaky onpage or (directly) offpage stuff.

    I should mention that I would like to go for other "jungle animals" in mid term too, meaning new websites or new categories, depending on the model. Meaning - with each new keyword I would stay within the same broad niche. I guess that is relevant too?

    the monetisation would be primary adsense, secondary affiliate / cpa stuff, if possible.

    What do you think would be the better choice and why? Anyone knows more pro's and con's I didn't think about? Anyone did both and can give me some tips?

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    I will go with 2nd model for reasons you already specified... If you are not breaking any TOS then you are not gonna loose your account...

    2nd option will be little tough to get ranking in start but in long run it will be easier as it gains trust in search engine... You will find lots of long tails will start ranking without making any backlinks... Also long tail also contribute good amount of money in adsense or cpa stuff...
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