DILEMA ... pls. advise on pre paid cards / vcc thx.

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    Sep 21, 2014
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    Hello , i have been working with a guy on our method and right now it is working and more importantly making money...

    We have tested it on our own ATM cards to the limit ( not the card limit but as far as it can be used for this method ) , we now find we need more cards to carry this on.

    Our dilema is " how to get more pre paid cards " ?

    We thought vcc to get paypal acc then poss use the paypal pre paid card , but this only allows the card to be used to the limit of the paypal acc.

    Our 2nd dilema is , we will load the cards up say $500 but the profits will be sent to the card once we make them , so we need , in our hand ATM cards .. to do withdrawals.

    ANY help on this would be appreciated guys ...

    how can i make this work ? how do i get ATM / pre paid cards ?? thanks ...