Digging Gold or Selling Spades

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    Sometime i go came across this. cant remember where tho , doesnt really matter:)

    I think that every agree that Internet is 201( or 200 dont know this stuff so well ) century Gold rush, atleast that is my opinion

    When the original gold rush was at alaska or so =P ( Only been reading that from donald duck lol) very few Gold Miners made a fortune in total.

    But the people who made the money was the shopkeepers selling Spades and other stuff for Gold Miners.

    I think that same would go for IM too. Quite many people make money digging gold , you decide what it means :)

    But i think the BIG players are on shopkeeper side. All Gurus and people like that selling you the spades for making money in internet and cashing in crazy amounts while you competite with thousands of people trying same method.

    Of course it is easier to start digging gold than selling spades since you will need some capital to start with.

    Well not really but that will require some skills in many areas and an unique idea.

    But if you got the start capital and good idea and knowledge how to market your services you can have easy (if people like your service quite likely they buy again and again)long term income

    So if you think you have an unique idea of offering service that people find very useful and its not something over hyped that will go off in few months that would work out quite well :)

    Even if your idea is seasoned , like you know how to make people buy from you loads of stuff @ Christmas and rake in huge you can sit back and mine gold as hobby and figure out new ideas for rest of year for some extra beers and then do the same next year if it still works ;)

    Just sharing some thoughts