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Apr 1, 2008
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A friend of mine put this together recently. Anyway, its short on users to be truly effective. This will not be open for long. I thought I would give you guys a chance to get a crack at it. (and maybe someone will remember this once I meet the min req's for JR VIP; this is my first share so if you sign up please thank me!)

The registration WILL be closed once we reach a certain threshold.

EDIT 2: I found out that the invite system is already in place and will be INVITE ONLY once the userbase is well established.

Once you sign up all you have to do is click the "digg" then click the button. Its really simple and works flawless. Like I said though, once it gets going it will be a closed membership system.

You earn points and then with those points you can then submit your digg to the site and let other people "assist" your digging.


Sign up:

How the site works:
You digg 5 sites (was 10), and get to make a new topic to be dugg. This will probably change to a higher number in the future to make sure people don't just digg enough to get their site posted, and disappear forever.

I *strongly* suggest you create a secondary digg account for this service; not because we will steal your account, but because I would not be the least bit surprised if Digg bans accounts associated with this site.

Questions / Comments?
If you have any feedback, please feel free to leave it here. Also, if you break something, let us know how. We did minor beta testing, and -think- everything is good.

Happy Shit Shoveling!
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Very nice post.

Thank you for the resource.

This is very helpful to those who plan on digging.
This is a great idea but not the first time I have seen someone try to pull it off. Digg has a swift and ugly retribution to blackhat users. I strongly advise if you do this create a new Digg account.
hes the one who created it and gave me permission to post it.
hey pal.. how to join it??
when i click the link, it goes to digg ??!!
try just goto diggassist.com.....
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