Difficulty of SEOing a misspelled popular domain name

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by TomOh, Oct 2, 2011.

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    The title of the thread is kind of self explanatory of what I'm asking, but let me give you a little more detail.

    For example, say I owned a domain name like "Youube", one character misspelled from the obvious "YouTube" but a common mistype for any computer user.

    If the misspelled word was a very common typo in Google according to AdWords Keyword Tool with the "Exact" button selected, do you think it would be difficult to SEO that term to a high rank competing with the correctly spelled domain name? (Assuming Google doesn't automatically display results for the correct spelling only).

    Let me hear your thoughts, I'm skeptical of this.
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    Personally I think its a waste of time. Think of it this way. When is the last time you saw a misspelled domain on the first page of the SERP's?
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    A few years ago it used to be fairly effective. Much less now as Google has gotten very aggressive with the "did you mean" and "we gave you this instead" results. Do a search for the misspelled word and see what you get as it does not matter how many people type the word in the search bar if Google sends them to the correct spelling anyway.