Did you see that coming? @Manchester

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    Hello manure fans,
    I know it actually hit you like a storm - cos you didn't see that coming.lol :D

    A full 90 mins without a red card or penalty awarded against your opponets? You must be kidding!
    Manure 2 - 3 Tottenham, in your very own "Theatre Of Refrees"?

    So tell me, did Ferdinand forget to pay the money into refree's bank account today? I know Ferd was always a man of the weeds though but I never imagined he will forget such a thing.

    Till then,
    Go Chelsea Go >>>>

    Nobody can stop us this time, not even the FA, Ferguson Association. lol

    And oh, Fergie could have changed Rooney with Howard Webb if he desperately needed that goal, poor old fergie