did ur traffic fall suddenly coz of 15jul???

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by berrycorp, Jul 17, 2008.

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    wierd problem.... my traffic fell 30% in 2 days... site is fine... everything else is ok... but traffic fell....

    i talked to some of the ppl using the site n they said traffic falls on 15th jul coz everybody is partying n all... go for a vacation... said his site traffic fell too....

    just tell me is this true?? m not in the europe n is it true that the traffic falls 30% during this time....?? this comes as a shock as i never expected this...

    just tell me is this the reason or is it something wrong with my site... i cant find anything wrong though...

    the guy i was talking to said half the city is empty in 2 days!! is this all true???
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    Did you check to make sure you didn't get de-indexed from one of the search engines. My traffic slows in July some but not anywhere near 30%.
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    n well i get only 0.25% traffic from google so it does not matter...

    n correction its 35% traffic drop in a day.. :(