Did I used the exact match anchor text too often?

I'm not exactly a Google guru, but wouldn't that result in a pentaly of some sort?
Just saw some of my sites is ranking between #10 to #25 for about 8 keywords, only the main keyword is on position 50. It's on position 50 for about 3 weeks and it just came into my mind that I used the exact match anchor text of this keyword too often on almost all of my pbn sites.

Shall I change the existing anchor texts?

It is hard to say if you used the exact match too much in your off site SEO but you certainly want to vary your anchor text a bunch and use naked links, generic terms and implement LSI keywords.

If it seems that you have used the exact match too much it would be a wise move to change them and then make sure that Google crawls your PBN sites. Also be sure to mix in some other off site SEO as camouflage if all your off site is powered by strong pbn links.
Make the link profile look natural. Is the exact match something that people would normally link to? For example, I bet 99% of the links to Adobe are "download Flash" because that's naturally what people link to there. But would it look normal on your site?
I posted a guide on how to tell if your links are too exact a few minutes ago.


I think it addresses exactly what you're asking, check it out.

First of all thanks for the great guide.

So if I understand right I will check my keyword density now and lower it? Otherwise I can just fix the anchor text in the PBN posts, right?

Just saw that my keyword density is pretty low already (0.74%).
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