Did i do my keyword research correctly and did i F### up?

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    So, i think i have made a mistake.

    Here is the research i did for my keyword.

    I got an exact match .org domain. The .net was taken but seems to be expired or not used and the .com is the affiliates main page.

    Here is my stats for my keyword.

    exact match 90 000 monthly searches

    phrase match 160 000 monthly searches

    Low adwords competition

    66 pages using "keyword"


    inurl: 17800

    inurl and intitle together 15500

    Traffic travis says that it will be "very difficult" to rank as the pages on the first page on google have pr's between 3 and 6 and between 300 and 50 000 backlinks. I was a dumbass and only checked traffic travis after i bought the domain

    I plan on selling a signup to the affiliate which will get me $20 per sign up as well as some other click bank offers...or whatever i find appropriate.

    I have 3 questions:

    Did i jump the gun by buying the domain?
    Did i do my keyword research right?
    How hard is this going to be to rank?

    Any input would valued
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    TEXAS (you have to yell, its the law.)
    Did i jump the gun by buying the domain?

    Most certainly

    Did i do my keyword research right?
    Yes, you just didn't finish it nor analyze it correctly

    How hard is this going to be to rank?
    Probably not very hard.

    Let me ask you some questions.

    Are the sites that are showing up for the keyword doing so because they are optimized for the keyword, or because they are the best fit Google can find, and there are only a couple actually optimized for it?

    Did you consider the "intent" of the searcher when they type in the keyword?

    Is the intent of the keyword an action?

    If it is, is that action: "learn about", "go to", or "obtain"?

    What does low adwords competition tell you?

    Does your keyword show a lot of searches but these searches have a low Phrase to Broad Ratio?
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    Are you promoting the product on the .com version of your domain?