Did anyone try to make mega simple sites and try to rank?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by worldismine, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Im laughing here as keyword "buy viagra" shows a site in the number two spot that has nothing but a text footer and a full size image of another pharmacy. Its just one big affiliate image link.

    Here is the actual code:
    site: viagraedperfect.com/

    I am noticing a trend in the SE results recently that simple ass sites rank highest. I do realize backlinks play a major role but I truly believe Google is cutting down on all those wordpress straight of the box sites and de-ranking them due to the fact that anyone can set up a fully professional looking site with ease. Could building your own code help in serps? I think so (I have nothing to back this yet, but I will start trying now... will report back)
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    Jun 24, 2012
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    Interesting, ahrefs shows 6,601 backlinks from 166 referring domains and most of them are .com, no .edu or .gov domains. But all of them seems are do follow. And the most used anchor text is "buy viagra". Not sure what is the link building strategy of this guy but it is obviously working despite all penguine/panda updates.
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    i dont think its as simple as that , i do have a few 1 page sales pages that are uneffected but i also have 2 wordpress sites that are uneffected too . the sites of mine that are have quite alot of content , to me that maybe due to either bad links ,some form of keyword stuffing by using categories ,titles ,tags and anchor text that are all similar .
    ive tried deleting some over used tags ,renaming a few cats ,altering some keywords for better diversity and using a more simple theme and built just 2 high pr links with no anchor text .
    2 things i have changed recently are i downloaded and installed all-in-one-seo pro and the other is building a g+ page for my 2 worst hit sites .
    i have de-activated all in one and gone back to wordpress seo and deleted both g+ pages .
    over the next few days ill build some extra content with no keywords and leave them sit there rather than pinging the shyte outer them .by that time someone more intelligent than me will have probably worked the new algo :) .