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Did Anyone Else Host at ZioInc?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by joaquin112, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. joaquin112

    joaquin112 Regular Member

    Apr 4, 2010
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    The motherfucking owner stopped paying his bills. I had my sites there, but like a good webmaster, I have a 2-day backup cron. I still lost all the work I - and my users - did in two days, which sums up to a lot.

    Hostdime isn't providing the data to the legitimate owners, because the zio inc owner threatened their lives.

    I guess the point of this article is to always know who you're hosting your sites with, go with the good and reliable providers and to make constant back ups.

    I can't imagine how fucking pissed I would be if a year's worth of my data had been simply lost and some retards wouldn't give it back. I'm sure that happened to some people, as ZioInc was a relatively big service with at least a three thousand customers.