Did a test with PPC, but not making any profit.


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Mar 1, 2010
I spent small money on PPC to do some testing for the following URL:


And does not seem to convert well. Im not making any profit and Im not sure why.

The PPC network I used is AdBrite. To my observation, I think Im not getting any sales because AdBrite does not go by keywords. I could be wrong.

But what could be the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If your budget was $300....then that wasnt a real test.......you might need wayyyyyyyyy more money than that to know if it is a viable offer..

if your tight on money..you should look at free methods to get traffic....so you can test more...without going broke..

and u might learn something too :)
limited to US pretty much?
have you geo targetted the PPC?

How much did you invest to test?

There are many things that will have direct effect on conversion rate
Jujubee: I set my budget on $10 daily with up to .10 cents per click to only test. I'll try getting more traffic using other tools I purchased. Thanks man.

Rebbecca: Yes, I limited it to US only since my CPA Network only allows US traffic only. Also, I targeted the age group to any age. Once again, I invested $10 on my daily budget.

EDIT: I overlooked AdBrite's keyword feature, sweet! However, there is one problem. I cant seem to get any iPhone4 keywords. When I opened up Market Samurai, it doesnt seem to generate more keywords for iPhone4 and I have no idea why. Seems very strange when it works well on other keywords. Hm...
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