Dicovered a niche. Need help

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by virus_1720, Jan 13, 2009.

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    May 9, 2008
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    Hey guys I stuck struck a niche that has monthly search volume of 44,000-46,000. The "keyword" google search results are 82,600 and the site that is ranked 6 has 50 inlinks and 4 pages. Can I be on the first page if I use a wordpress blog and use IBP?
    Is it the right niche to explore, since this is my first website online I am a bit skeptical.
    Are their any other traffic generation tricks I should use and how do I get unique content for my website?

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    Nov 13, 2008
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    You really have to analyse your competition carefully before you try to rank inside SERP top5:

    1. How many backlinks do they have? And most important which keywords do they mostly use inside there anchor text link.
    2. Have they optimized there pages properly? (Title, H1, Keyword density, Domain name? etc etc).
    3. PR ?

    If you can beat the pages on the one or more criteria listed above, it could be an interesting niche. Though a successful niche depends on much more things then getting #1 in SERPS

    For unique content just outsource your work to an article writer that knows how to write properly SEO whise. And for more traffic, just make unique and interesting content and submit those articles to social bookmarking sites etc.
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    I don't really see competition in the same way as many people cos in many cases I'm determined to get to the top and will link till I get there. With a stubborn attitude and resources, you can get to the top for anything.

    However, for "bum marketing" and other "low competition SEO systems" I think that those experts usually look for less than 82,600 competition for the keyword in quotes. Something like 30,000 in quotes is what those people look for.

    Also lower competition won't get sandboxed. This to me looks like a "proper" keyword where you're going to have to link and wait a bit for the sandbox to pass. If you don't mind that then of course you'll get to the first page for it if you link and wait. Nossie's tips are all sound. IBP has some built in linking sources as well.