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    Hi all fellow blackhaters!

    I have been here on this forum for a while, even if I have not been so active. This forum has helped me a lot and some users have provided usefull information that I have turned into my own methods and that been successful.

    For a while now, I have been unactive as hell and have not made anything and just wasted my time and time is money so I'm quite pissed off. I decided to make myself a diary where I could update the stauts on where I'm going at and that it should keep me on working. Beside that, I thought that it would be interesting for some of you guys following me and maybe get some useful information from me if I can give you that :)

    Just a short introduction about me: I'm considered a very young IM as I'm only 16. You probably think that I'm just a very young kid hoping to run into a jackpot but that's not true, I'm quite independent and I'm experienced and I know that life is tough.

    My skills: To be honest, I'm not great at coding as I have not taken time to learn any:p The things that I'm good at is writing in both English and the two other languages that I know, but I'm not going into article writing as I think it's time consuming and not something that I enjoy. The skill/talant that I think is my strongest is my creativity and my eye for business (lol it sounds so serious:cool:) and I think that it's the most important thing that you should have if you want to make it in this world.

    How its been so far: I can't tell you that I'm very experienced in IM because I have just doing this for a year and half of it has not been seriously. I first came up with a idea but back then I did not know how to look into the competition and I found myself in a very tough one:rolleyes: but I managed to make it to page 4 and then gave up after several months job and hard work:( and not many dollars maken. Then the light came, I was lucky enough to somehow get myself into the facebook market and cpa. I did actually hit the jackpot as I earned myself quite a lot, anyhow for my age I think several tousands are enough:p

    My goals: You probably ask me why I don't just continue with facebook as it's been good for me, well I try but I have gotten myself into a very funny and ridicilous situation. I got myself all of my pages banned and removed so there goes my strongest recourses (The status updates). Everyone are getting their pages banned and it's the new craigslist and only the best one remains and suck out the money.

    While I will have facebook as an option and I will digg into it as soon as the opportunities comes, I want something that is more long termed. I mean facebook fanpages aren't long termed income sources? I don't want to get older and boast that I earn money by fanpages on facebook? I want to have a I don't but a big website which is a respectful recourse of income and you might ask me, what the hell are you doing at BHW, but I think that I can achieve my goal with some black hat methods:p

    For now, I don't know what to do, I consider getting myself into micro niches, or do a really big site that I have found have some potentiall in it. But I'm afraid because my first big project didn't even make me over 10 dollars.

    I just want to clearify that this is my DIARY and I want to have it to update myself, keep myself motivatet.

    I will as soon as possible post my next move and keep you updated wheiter way I will choose to go and there on update this thread.

    MOD: I thought that this belonged to black hat seo because what I will do to complete my jobs is including black hat ways, but if you think that this is not the right section for it, then feel free to move it to the right one :)