Diamond Affiliate $200 CPA average

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    I have found an affiliate program to sell diamonds.
    Have searched for it on BHW and did not find any post that says anything about it.

    So if I am following the BHW rules I would like to post it here.

    The minimum sell is $3000 you will get 7% commission on every sell!

    This affiliate allows you to cloak your affiliate links automatically!

    Join now and get $50 doller free.
    They also have a good guide for you to get started promoting.

    I thought maybe you can do something with this on facebook and make some money with a fan page!

    The company sells:
    - loose diamonds
    - engagement rings
    - The option to design your own ring

    They have a good support and try to help you the best they can.
    They also said that they plan to release a plugin for wordpress users!

    I have posted 2 links to the affiliate program.
    one is with my affiliate referal one is without.
    If you want to thank me for the tip sign up through my affiliate :D

    I thank you very much!!!!
    No affiliate referal
    The reason for the bit.ly links is that I am not sure that they want there affiliate program on a BH forum...
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