Develope a Fitness Product or Service?

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    I have a domain and I contemplating a service or product I would liketo create. One thing is, I'm really big on fitness and health, I'm really inshape and same with my business partner. We currently have around $1,000 to startan investment in this online fitness website and we would like different ideasand possibly a JV with someone that is a master at creating products. I haveover 10 years of SEO experience and would like to collaborate someone's idea oreven if you have a service or product fully developed already.

    I was thinking about starting an online website where we would train peopledifferent workout techniques based on the option fields and shape they are inwhich the customer selects. Each course would fit someone's; height, weight,age, health problems, etc.... We would have online webinars, calls, emails,alerts, reminders, videos and content for each users to be on track with theirworkout routine. We would have motivational videos as well to get lazy peopleoff their ass to work out and possibly have a system to where we JV with a bigfranchise gym for anyone to go to in their local area to have a free 30-daytrial when they sign up for our services; thus implementing this would givegreat upsell benefits to the gym so everyone would win. I would also like to JVwith a health food company to have it to where we send a monthly meal plan toeach member. This all depends on exactly what type of shape the person wants tobe in, where-as the person wants to lose weight, lose weight gain lean muscle,gain muscle weight, gain cardio fitness, or train for a sport or workoutroutine. These are different ideas I have to mind and would like to implementthem.

    I'm trying to reach out to the blackhat community to see if anyone has a clueor is an expert in this industry. Anyone that wants to put their 2 cents intothis, feel free.
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