Destination URL issue in PPC

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by 730promo, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Sorry im a a newbie when it comes to PPC although somewhat experienced in SEO practices and have a question, if anyone can help me out it
    would be greatly appreciated. I have just taken over a SEO clients PPC account which has been running for the last 12 months and is in
    quite a mess. I have taught myself the basics of PPC but im having a big problem with changing the destination URL of the individual
    keywords. They have been set up already by the person before me with forwarding for individual keywords. I know how to change the
    destination URL in the keywords section of Adwords but they are all set to blank so there must already be re-directing going on somewhere
    else. Can anyone explain?? Was this doen when the group/keyword was set up and if so where is the otpion to change it??
    Can anyone please let me know how this is happening and the option to set the destination URL for the keyword/group
    Thanks in advance