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    so i have 2 main sites that i have been desperately trying to rank (meaning at least page#1, because anything beyond page#1 means shit).

    I have bot AMR, scrapebox 2-3 weeks ago. submitted 2 articles to around 300 article directories successfully. i have not been able to use too much SB, probably getting like 100-200 comments only so far.

    I have bot 15K blog comments. (this discouraged me to further use scrapebox, because i do not think i see any results at all with 15K comments for either site?)
    I have bot 5K forum profiles.
    I have bot 2 other services that have not finished.

    the domains are around 5-6 months old. after all this the best i have got is domain 1 at around #20 on a keyword that has only 1.5M pages (no quote).

    I am running out of idea on what to do. or what services to buy...
    from what i have read on BHW, people all seem to be able to get instant/overnight results. some of them might be just making up stories to push their affiliate links, but i still believe some of the stories are legit...?

    What are the most effective services or products you have bot, in terms of bringing in page#1 ranking?

    it would be nice if someone can offer something that requires money only if results show..
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    Competition may be high for that search term (regardless of pages)
    Your on-page SEO may not be up to scratch.
    You may just need to build more links.

    Links are your best friend.