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    Hey guys,

    The other day I bought the following domains:
    ExtinctByInstinct.Com . . .

    I want to create a high ticket ($1,000+) productivity course, or a smaller mid-level thing with a very long back-end engagement process.

    During the last 24 hours or so I've gotten most of the source material.

    I'll position the program as a commercial enterprise on the .com, and as something similar to the project management institute on the .org

    I might do the .com as a total overall Tony Robbins drink my kool-aid lifestyle design system - I dunno. Like your socialized habits and patterns are locking you into negative behaviors that limit your ability to create, execute, cause problems in your relationships, etc.

    Anyway the point is that I have or can get all of the relevant source material.

    I need a guy who can re-write stuff.

    And I don't need a hack, or anybody who's first language is not English (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it isn't congruent with the project).

    There must be one guy who's not making much money but who has good right brained skills.

    Plus points would be graphic design/artistic ability, somebody that can create good slideshow style presentations, etc.

    The most important thing is somebody that can re-write VERY well, and even re-theme multiple disparate packages into a streamlined new project, or a new idea.

    If you're that person - and if you can deliver in 10 days or less (i.e. bust your ass and not leave the house or sleep for a week) I have cash money with your name on it.

    I can pay you outright, or I can give you a good piece of the action.

    I have ZERO doubts that I can pull in multiple 5 figure weeks of this project, and extend the lifecycle out over the course of a year, and I'm guessing that I can probably do six figures at least once.

    I have 3 weeks left. I think if someone can create MASSIVE content that is really good quickly (from existing source material that I provide), that I can spend a couple of hours a day and run the launch before the 15th.

    And if I can pull it off and still manage all of my other stuff - I'll donate my side of the revenue to the charity of BHW's choice (by poll).

    The main reason I would want to do it is for the lists it would create, and because I think after I'm at Wudang for a while I may start thinking about ways to integrate some stuff I learn into developing more wholistic business models.

    And because I'm a Type A 3 hours of sleep a night, never stop to take a breath freak, and also because some wierd part of me wants to bumrush the guru show.

    That's already on my mind alot these days - because I know that the entire culture can't go become monks or something, but I think it's possible to affect some context shifts within the cultural super-structure.

    Wanna burn the candle at both ends for a week? hit me up by email (it's all over the place at this point, so no point in posting it again).
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