Desperate need of advise on affiliate launch

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    Oct 18, 2009
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    I do not even know where to begin. I am doing my 1st product launch as an affiliate and have been set in the top 10 on google for about 1 month. The launch is next week. Well over night I have been bumped off from #6 to #15. Granted I been at #2 spot for 3 weeks.

    Well I update my site atleast 1, some times 2 times a day. Post to 86 sites with senuke almost every day and have over 800 back links. (granted most are at PR0 sites). I have outgoing links to about 15 top pr5 and pr 6 sites inside expanding text so will not be easy to click on and leave my page.

    Questions I have

    #1 How can a page that has not been updated in in over 2 weeks pass me up with only 8 back links.

    #2 other sites have an average of 8 to 30 backlinks , I have over 800 but yet they passed me up.

    #3 my site to my eyes just looks plain better than the other sites but they passed me p.

    #4 I made a video from the product that i edited and uploaded to youtube 1st then 3 days later someone uploaded the same exact video and yet he ranks higher than me with the video.

    #5 Other youtube video have an average of 8 to 20 views with no rankings. I have over 60 views with 50 or so 5 start ratings but yet I still got passed up on my video.

    What the hell is going on. Is there any hope to get back in my top spot? I just do not understand. the more i do and post the more i dop in the rankings.

    Top all this off with looks bad in older version of firefox and internet explorer but great in updated versions, Even checked with screenshots and it seems to work great with 90% of the browsers just not good in older version of explorer and firefox. Good thing is most of my traffic is using updated firefox.

    I type in exact product name in google and I show I am #14 and #15 (was at 3 and 6 for a month) Then a guy from uk checked same exact product name in google and i show up as #1 and #2 on his browser we exchanged screen shots to prove it. Weird

    What can I do to get back in my top position? I am desperate. My Goal is to make 1 sell since this is my first product launch.