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    First of all, I'm going to explain something to you about how the overseas supply chain works when it comes to drop shippable products as well many other products. The real factories for a lot of the products that you are looking for in this drop shipping section the factories are not online looking for clients. The way they distribute their products are through their sales offices, which are located in various wholesale markets.

    Agents visit their offices and collect detail information on their products. Once this is done these agents then build websites to seek online buyers who are looking for an overseas supplier. The sad simple fact is that over and over people are going through all the trouble to find a quality supplier but only to be ordering from as overseas agent. That?s because the internet is being blanked by all of the agent?s sites.

    The truth is none of the websites online are offering the same price that can only be found on the ground within the overseas wholesale markets. The prices you are receiving online are not the real mainland prices period. Until now unless you had a family member or a husband or wife overseas to collect your products then you will never be able to buy these products at mainland price. The only other option would require you buy a plane ticket and fly overseas and try and figure it out for yourself.

    Now there is a new model business model that would give people the ability to circumvent these agents and finally be able to order products at mainland rates. The product selection is unlimited if it?s being produced there then you can order its if you would like to know how you can just earn huge commission just by helping people reach the real suppliers contact me today.
    There are partnership marketing packages that are available with sign on packages from $2,500-10,000.I would like for all interested marketing parties please provide me strengths and let me know what marketing skills you could bring to the team.
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