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    I need a freelancer who can design a successful twitter campaign for me.

    I have a specific niche site which will be given to the freelancer I choose.

    The freelancer must have successful campaigns and proof of those campaigns.

    I have 10 proxies and 20 twitter accounts. I will be using wait and reply and do not want the twitter accounts to get banned and I DEFINITELY do not want my URL to get banned.

    The freelancer will need to create the spun comments, give me the tweet attacks setup they would use, and tell me how to avoid URL banning.

    Once setup, I should just be able to let Tweet Attacks run without intervention. I want to play it safe to avoid account suspension or URL banning. I do not want to be replacing accounts. I am not expecting to make $$$$ from this yet. Just testing how much traffic I get then will scale up.

    Please post here if you have questions.

    Pm with your qualifications and price.

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    check your pm mate.