Design looks fine in FF, but is jacked in IE ...

haha, welcome to the world of IE. It's messed up in Chrome too...and yes, use divs with float elements to get cross-browser compatibility
Actually, I just figured it out.

It wasn't the tables. It was some strange call in the vid code. Tables are all still there, but it looks right in FF, IE, and Chrome now.

Dunno about Opera or Safari, but I'm happy with it now.
I loathe designing for multiple browsers. God damn it. XD
cheers for the rep! and yea browser compatiblity is horrible! I had a client once who wanted a web 2.0 design but was using IE6 and for the life of me, I couldnt explain to him why IE 6 is the dumbest browser ever. IE 7 is a little less dumb and IE8 seems to have picked up it's game pretty well. We can only hope for the next version to be better
IE do not accept GIF or PNG....also check on CSS style maybe any something wrong there....
Actually, IE is accepting that GIF just fine, and on the site I'm launching, it's accepting PNGs as well.

I got it fixed, so all is well.
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