Descriptive and Motivating Journey - $15/day by Selling Books and Applying Brain.


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Jan 12, 2014
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Learn how this journey started

Kindle have not accepted my book.
See reason yourself.

I tried to sell my book on Barnes and Noble but they do not accept publisher from my Country.

I moved over to Smashword and made over $292 on Smashword in 15 days. They have a policy to pay at the end of every quarter and at the 30th march I got my account deleted and reason I got was books contain copyright content.
Simply I understood my writers cheated me and was in a loss of $200 and you can say also another addition of loss of $292. So a loss of $492.

But I always remember this FROG 1743698_585872881498156_528739073_n.jpg.

I saw many websites made by erotica writers and selling there books directly or linked to amazon.

I do not have knowledge of website making and also not in a mood to learn and then implement. I simply want a e-commerce type store.
Then I started researching on my own and made a good list of websites where I can sell my eBooks in a separate made store where there is no one to check for plagiarism or some other things and also no quarterly payment shit.
This is the quite important thread -

Method Starts
I compared every store out of the above list of stores regarding there pricing and different other features.
Finally I selected and as I do not know how to make a website I set up a blog on blogger and have made buttons for downloading and paying through payloadz and added them to my blog.
I have added all the 8 books I have with me so far and each one is marked at a price at $3.00.
I wrote summary of 1500 words for each of the books and added the covers which were also outsourced and were useless to me after books getting removed from Kindle.
Twist is that there is no one to say work is plagiarized or have some other nudity in covers as Amazon says Sometime or excessive violence in the story as I am on my own in this market.

Important - Getting Customers Part
Payloadz has got a very good system of affiliates. You can change your percentage payment to affiliate as low or as high you want. I pay affiliates 15% and let them do the work of getting traffic to my books.
Payloadz has got a transaction fee of 20%.
So approximately I get $1.95/book as profit.

I started selling 4 days earlier and so far sold - 5 books in 4 days and earned $9.75 and money has been successfully transferred to my Paypal account.

Defeating the Law
Blogger will delete my blog if there comes any issue.
Paypal will not see anything as I have generated payment buttons through Payloadz and there boos are marked as eBooks in fiction category.
Button generated in such a way that customer do not see my Paypal id. They see my Pen Name.
There is no real name nor real email id.

I will be updating my threads in 2 - 3 days and will be surely replying to your answers.
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Hey OP, I came up with the same strategy (pay somebody to write erotica then sell on Amazon), but I've always been postponing it.

You should buy a domain and host it to avoid the risk of getting your blogger removed. Also, I've read that women authors tend to sell better than men, since your buyers are mostly women and they feel attached in some psychological way.

I wanted to ask how many words does your books have? Summary of 1500 words seems like an overkill IMO.

Good luck, I will be following you!
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