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    I created web service mainly for myself as it stands now. I originally wanted to buy service from one provider here but then decided to write it myself as problem with public proxies that they die quickly, I enhanced that part and implemented pool of always alive proxies. What it does it scans and leaches public proxies and test them with multiple criteria (google, https, script, cookies, speed, anonymity).
    I am testing proxies every 10 minutes to make sure I have only alive in the active list.
    Usually it is around 250-500 alive proxies (elite and anonymous), varies depending on time of the day. So I was thinking about creating it as a service with something like $20 a month for access to it.
    Where subscribers will be able to use it to pool by url list of active proxies any time they want / need it.

    What do you think guys is there any value in it. I was thinking it could be valuable for google scrapping or doing something else where you need large amount of different proxies. During the day there are thousands of different proxies active, they are short lived, but as there are always new ones replacing dead ones.

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