Deliver/harvest 1000+ targeted/clean "Likes"

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    I am looking to hire someone on for the following job:

    1) Deliver/harvest 1000+ targeted/clean "Likes" from an existing Facebook page with 60,000 to my Facebook page with only 60 right now.
    (Please agree to kill any user accounts are are clearly flagged, and not use them for building)

    2) Provide all of the associated accounts used in friend requests.

    3) Make sure that all of the Friend accounts are not flagged for friend spamming.

    4) Deliver within one months time.

    5) Provide periodic status reports and respond to updates.

    6) Pay via

    7) Keep brand discretion

    I can provide a 30 dollar bonus 3 days after 1000+ of existing page count is reached and the account is intact with targeted followers.

    Please provide a quote. Serious inquiries only please. Thanks!