Deindexed by google. Looking for info


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Jul 31, 2008
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I noticed that a bunch of my blogs got deindexed and I'm trying to figure out why. I know this is a pretty noob question but I made major updates to my sites like changing titles, keywords, description. Would this deindex my sites from google or did I get google penalize me because of autoblogging and the updates and the deindexing is a coincidence?
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This is just google dance if you ask me.... I have experienced it in the past.
Wait for say a week before doing anything serious!
Yup, Just wait for at least 10 days before judging that. However, Do you still see google bot hitting your blogs?
Google some time change the indexing way of some websites. SO just wait and check back after a days so.
yup. everything looks good again and my traffic is back. never had this happen before so I wasn't sure what was happening
true true wait some days and you will see. In that time i usually think about other search engines :) Dont waste your time and think about "others" :)
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