deep linking early on?

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    firstly, i expect that i am just over thinking this but i think its better that i ask you wonderful people.

    alright, i have 6 mini niche sites with easy competition for my main kw's ready to go with the articles written. i am going to focus on ranking each of the sites main kw's first. ive read a lot on seo here and am going to test a different seo strategy with each site to see which ways work the best.

    for now, i dont care about my secondary kw's. 1 step at a time, i'd like to get my main kw's on the first page before i look ahead to other kw's.
    my question: whats the most effective way to rank for my main kw's? do i...

    1)ignore the inner pages, put all efforts into the main kw?
    2)spend 50% of time/money on main kw, and the other half on the other secondary kw's?
    3)spend the majority of time on my main kw's and throw $5 at each secondary kw?
    i am very confused on deep linking. fiverr gigs and seo services on here dont seem to take "spreading out" your backlinks into account as most services allow you to submit 1-3 url's. the how to posts/wso's explain backlinking methods and systems but never say how (or if at all) to incorporate your inner pages with the systems they lay out.
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    you want to be diverse, while promoting all pages your are really promoting the index from my knowledge. You want to be very diverse with links and anchors and your main keyword will increase.