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Deciding To Start My Own Company/Brand

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by garthor, May 27, 2013.

  1. garthor

    garthor Newbie

    Mar 24, 2013
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    I have actually given a lot of thought to starting my company/brand. Although I'm not a very experienced marketer,
    I have managed to make a good amount of money from Adsense, CPA and other schemes. My strongness is mostly
    development, as I have been a programmer since I was in diapers :)

    I have been a freelancer for many years and I have developed a couple online softwares that
    have allowed me to save a good amount of capital to invest on my new project.

    All the odds could be in my favor, maybe not. This is why I would like to get feedback from other
    people on this community full of experienced people that can lead me into making the right decision.

    I want to go local and build a big brand for a property portal and car portal, basically two online classifieds.
    There's only one big brand nowdays, they charge upto $35 USD per listing to real estate agents and car dealers,
    which seems a bit too expensive, in my opinion.

    They claim to get 10k visitors daily on each portal. I have been browsing around and they seem to get a big part of it
    from word of mouth, google ads, and ads around the street.

    I plan to build a better platform with more features for the agents:

    • Local Magazine Distributed to Real Estate Investors
    • Private Personal Website
    • Newspaper Classifieds

    I want to go the extra mile and develop an outstanding advertising solution for these people and promote it via :

    • Newspaper
    • Facebook, Google Ads
    • Email

    Do you personally think it's realistic to build something big and fight a big brand, and make a living off it?
    Or is our fate to work on short-term business?
    Going from method to method?

    Note: Please move this thread if it's on the wrong section :D
  2. FireBrandSaint

    FireBrandSaint Junior Member Premium Member

    Mar 1, 2012
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    Its definitely possible. Nowadays a lot of innovative startups are launching that are a better experience for users and are eating away at the big guys' market shares. So in my opinion do it and crush it. I would love to chat sometime with you as I'm launching a business too maybe we can collaborate on some stuff.