Decided to buy licorne aio + GSA SER ($209) instead of Ultimate demon($347)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by gurupts13, Sep 3, 2013.

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    First thanks for blackhatworld forum members. Still i am a newbie asked here about buying UD as my first seo tool.

    Most told UD is best, but they compare it with licorne aio,GSA SER. So i decided to get both licorne aio + GSA SER instead of UD. It saves me $150, to be used for proxies and captchas. It seems good idea for me.

    I saw features of licorne aio + GSA SER on web and they did every thing, the UD can.
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    GSA SER will do you some justice for sure - IF YOU LEARN HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY. There's plenty of tutorials on YouTube and the GSA forum is loaded with information. You'll want to subscribe to SEREngines for web 2.0s - you'll find that in the GSA forum.

    However, Licorne AIO... Full of bugs, never updated and you won't be able to get a refund. There are many people that regret that they bought it, myself included.

    GSA SER? Well it's updated like 2-3 times per week it seems. You should have got the GSA Captcha Breaker and SEO Indexer to go along with GSA SER. Maybe put these on your next to buy list. All GSA tools have super support and are constantly updated and improved.
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    It's a good choice! Aio should be used for T1 (assuming it's like Ultimate Demon) while you can bang away T2 & T3 link with SER.

    However, you should definitely get Captcha Breaker as SER has insanely high pay per captcha costs. I did a Captcha Breaker vs Captcha Sniper test recently and it clearly showed that CB is better). Also, you might want to consider Scrapebox for scraping your own lists rather then with SER turning SER into a scary bot, capable of posting 200+ links / min with ease.

    You don't need more than 30 proxies and an extreme bermanhosting vps to run this powerful setup.

    All of this coupled with an automated content bot (such as Wicked Article Creator or Kontent Machine) means you can rank whatever you choose to.

    My suggestion is to get a few domains, load some content on them and test your ass off until you find the best way of ranking things and then expand accordingly.

    Let me know if you need some advice on setting this up (and setting SER up so it runs at it's max potential) just send me a PM.
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    GSA is great for Tier 2 links however, I wouldn't recommend doing it for Tier 1s.

    Ultimate Demon is a great tool as well but it definitely takes some time to setup because you have to import your own sites
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    Yes,import sites to UD is really a long time and suffering!!
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    Not with my lists.

    700+ sites with PR - and I give away the user names. passwords of the accounts I created when testing in a spreadsheet.
    If my members wanted they could just import the spreadsheets and use the test accounts I created to post on. I don't suggest they do, but that's the transparency I give
    I add sites every month and do a full account creation re-test on every site in my list every 3 months.

    Never got less than 700 and often pass the 1000 mark (and I'm talking PR sites here)

    Scraping high authority site lists is a real ball ache. Out of maybe 1 million in a list from scrapebox, by the time I've sorted out the dross, got rid of dupes and put them all in the site-adder I often get 300 accepted by Ultimate Demon. Second stage testing is actually using them in a project typically 50 out of that 300 are actually open to new account creation of content adding.
    50 out of 1 million is pretty good.
    The I repeat the process for different site types and with differnet keywords and footprints all day...every day. Never stops

    My members ONLY get those that actually work in a task or project - I do all the scraping and testing for them