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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by selfprodigy, Mar 3, 2010.

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    I've been searching and reading this forum for a while. I've never posted to BHW because I figured I should educate myself before asking for help.

    I've been hired by a company who has a lot of sales people. They are paid on commission. Some of these people can't sell anything and they quickly quit, or get fired for lack of production. Next, they go online to job review sites and post horrible things.

    I've managed to push rip off report off the first and second page by staring a blog and promoting it using social sites. I've taken a few of there sub domains and cross linked titles and such to the blog. Took about six months but it's pretty clean all around.

    The problem I'm having is there is a suggested search with the word scam in it. These sites always come up and even though i've been able to fill some of the results some job review sites remain. I dont know if there is any way to displace these or better ways to prop my other sites up.

    I've got a blog with auto twitter poster, and i have hummingbird adding freinds for me.

    Any suggestions are welcome thanks ahead of time.