Dead links in SERPS = Backlinks and Traffic for YOU?

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    Ever find dead pages in the SERPS? I do.
    How's this for a weird strategy...

    1. Search your target keyword phrase.
    2. Harvest top 100-250 links in the SERPs
    3. Validate all the links to find ones with 404 or other error pages
    4. Identify WHO is linking to these dead pages (check the backlinks to the page)
    5. Post content to your site that is equal or better than content on the dead page.
    6 Sort/Filter sites linking to the dead URL/page to find ONLY High PR or high traffic, authority ones
    7. Contact owner of site show them the link they are using that is dead and request they swap that one out for YOUR (better) working link.
    8. Rinse and Repeat.

    Most webmasters are happy if you tell them they have a dead while this process may take some time, it can produce quality backlinks.