De-ranking an image by ranking others

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    I have a task of de-ranking an image. And hitbotting for over a month doesn't seem to be helping. So, I figured I would take the help of you gurus.
    I have an image that shows up when I search for "Black Hat". However, I have setup various other websites and blog posts with comments with "Black Hat" - they seem to be ranking as well. But unfortunately, even still.. this image that I want to de-rank and move to the 3rd or the 4th row so it doesn't show up on first page search results, continues to show as #1 or #2 position!!

    It is driving me insane!
    I have been hitbotting the direct image URLs of the other images whose filename is blackhat.jpg and alt is Black Hat... and all attempts have been futile.
    What am I doing wrong? Or what more can I do to de-rank this image?

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    Vary your link profile for those images you want to rank. Include the following:

    - bookmarks for the images.
    - shares on G+, Twitter, Fb
    - +1's, retweets, likes for those shares stated above (very important)
    - high PR blog comments with the pics url's and generic names as anchors

    Rinse and repeat until you get the desired results.
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