De-indexed by g00gle - What does it mean?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by gifmore, Sep 9, 2008.

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    A) What are the definitive signs and symptoms (talking like a doctor know :p) of a website that has been de-indexed by g00gle?

    What am I asking?:
    1) Is it as simple as no longer being able to find a g00gle result even when you type: ?

    2) Would you get any notification if you were tracking your site in g00gle webmaster tools when that site gets de-indexed?

    B) Is there a chance that your site can get de-indexed by g00gle even if you were NOT doing anything blackhat or spammy or fraudulent or if you've pretty much stuck to what g00gle expects a "good" website to have or practice?

    Of course, not wanting to live in fear but having this spirit of experimentation, some folks may have had their sites de-indexed and I'm trying to see what is the better way to strike a balance between trying new ways to rank high/make money and not risk getting de-indexed.

    Thank you.

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    De-indexing means your site doesn't show up in the SERPS and this happens all of the time.....

    I had a SEC site that was NEVER detected by the big G and it was not de-indexed....

    Believe it or not, both great WH sites and BH sites get de-indexed all of the time and often, it makes no logical sense.

    You get NO notification from Google.

    I focused on this too much in my early days. I used Traffic Equalizer and should have built about 500 sites with it, when it still was effective.

    Instead, I focused on the "what did I do wrong" thinking......

    Think of the money that I did NOT make, because of that.

    Go out and make your sites. Make it a 50/50 blend of WH and BH sites and see what happens......

    DON'T waste time worrying about de-indexing. It will and does happen.

    Being "banned" as they used to call it is just being de-indexed. You will get no warning and will not go to jail for using Cloakers and BH.........(BH is NOT illegal stuff, we bend the rules, not break laws)

    It is interesting how the psychology of Google works......just re-read the above post and you will see the "Google Fear Effect" (my term)........and how effective it really is for the masses.

    Action is your key to success. Do it. Do it now.
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    I've heard of a couple of other things going on also. One is regional. I may rank in San Diego but not in Delaware. FF has an SEO plugin that lets you simulate being somewhere else.

    Servers need maintenance, whatever, it may be there today but not for 3 days and then back again. G can't take down your sites, other engines may and will keep you listed.

    Focus on what you want to happen, not what might happen. :prof01:
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    If you are de-indexed you can always resubmit a site for re-inclusion (it can and does happen).

    The other thing to remember is that new sites in particular tend to appear, then disappear and then reappear in the SERPS - for no apparent reason.

    But I agree with the above, unless the site you are talking about is your only big WH site that you are hoping to be the next MySpace, then don't get too hung up on being de-indexed. It happens all the time - but there are other players out their like MSN, Yahoo etc and I have sites that Google has de-indexed that do very well through the minor players.
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    I too have had WH sites that are just suddenly de-indexed for no apparent reason. However, after some time the sites would eventually get listed back in the serps. So if you haven't done anything BH on the site I would say it is probably only a temporary situation.
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    You're right, If a site is de-indexed or not-indexed ( by G) it won't get any results from a search in G. Of course it also won't appear in the SERPS.

    Not being in the index doesn't mean the site has been banned.

    If the site is banned it will never be indexed again unless you promise not to be a bad boy and sucessfully request re-inclusion from the goggle webmasters console.

    To check if a site has been banned ping it to G and check the logs to see if googlebot visits, In most circumstances googlebot will not visit a banned site in response to a ping.

    If you're doing black hat, or really any kind of SEO, you need to be aware of what can get a site banned or peanalised, how far you push it is then judgement (and a little luck) rather than pure luck.