DC UNIVERSE ONLINE on PS4 Implements 2,000 User Updates, Graphic Improvements

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    As DC Universe Online enters its third year, the MMO set in the world of DC Comics adds its staggering thirty-first update and more than a fresh coat of paint, "more like 10 coats,"
    joked Jens Andersen of Sony Online Entertainment, for the PlayStation 4 release of the game.

    The free-to-play MMORPG transfers over to the PS4 intact from the PS3. While the new DualShock4 controller has additional inputs, they aren't being used at this time, though SOE isn't ruling anything out for future updates. For now, the increased resolution and full compatibility with players on PS3 were the first goals.

    "We got it all working on the PS4, and we didn't break the PS3 version in the process!"

    Andersen said frankly during a demonstration at a Sony media event in New York. In fact, by working with the increased fidelity and power of the PS4, they found new ways to add additional smoke, lighting, and damage effects to both console editions.

    "When you have an MMO, that's going to go for years. We didn't want to necessarily worry about being on an aging platform that's being replaced by what the next generation had to offer," Andersen said of the PS4 version's development.

    "We approached WB and Sony and asked them about bringing the game to PS4, and they were both really interested in it. Sony has such a focus on free-to-play, so we seemed perfect for it."