Dazed and Confused (Proxies)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by 1upLives, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Hi all! I rarely post but, I'm a pretty big lurker on the forums. Usually I'm pretty profeciant at figuring out things myself thanks to the many threads here on the forums but, I have come upon somthing that seriously is over my head and could use some clarifiacation. Any help would be greatly appricated.

    I plan on making multiple web 2.0 blogs based around a niche site. What I would like to do is use different i.p. addresses so my tracks are covered as best as possible.

    I've done a TON of research about proxies all day today, until today though, I knew honestly nothing about them. It seems the more I read the more I become confused on how the whole system works.

    Could I just simply go to my internet settings and simply put in a free proxy ip, and then use click and clean when I want to switch to a different ip? If I can do that, lets say I want to have the same i.p. for that blog, do I need to keep that address around with me for next time?

    If I can do that, why would I need a proxy server? This is the thing that confuses me the most.Is a proxy server for a completely different use?

    Do I need to switch the ip settings on all my browsers like firefox AND explorer? Or only whatever browser i plan on using?

    What are your guys methods when it come to proxies?

    Honestly, any step by step help would be great.

    Appriciate you time all.
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    have you tried the foxy proxy plugin for firefox? Im just learning about this stuff as well and have been trying that out...seems to be working fine. Its pretty straight forward.