Dating Site: In your opinion, which will probably be the most lucrative?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by MadRebel, May 29, 2013.

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    1. a "normal" dating site. One where there is absolutely no mention of sexual desires or intention's, nor any nude/erotic photo's,


    2. an "explicit" Adult/sex dating site. One where anything goes as far as trying to find someone for a "good time and happy ending"? One that contains explicit revealing photo's/video's of sexual parts/sexual acts and/or after sex photo's? So...nothing left to the imagination?

    I know that there are plenty of affiliate and whitelable that will accept #1 but who are the affiliate's/whitelabel's that will readily accept an "explicit" Adult/sex dating site (#2), if there are any?

    The reason for my asking for your opinion on this is that Ive been dead-set on starting an Adult Sex Dating site (#2). So much so that I went out and purchased two domain name's that are indicative of such. However, after reading, searching and browsing for day's now, I'm beginning to doubt as to whether or not I've made the right decision. :(

    I look forward to your opinion on this and don't hesitate to give it to me with both barrels is need be. But be gentle. :D