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database extraction tool?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by bigideas, May 17, 2009.

  1. bigideas

    bigideas Newbie

    Apr 20, 2009
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    Hi bhatters,

    Are there any tools out there that can extract the schema and data of a mysql database through a sql connection or another method? Or perhaps a tool that can reverse engineer a database and its data?

    Also, is there a tool that can get the raw php files off a server without ftp access? I feel like I've heard of a tool that can save down a complete website if you give it the URL. I just don't remember what that tool's name is, or whether it only works for straight HTML or if it does PHP/Java/etc programming intact.

    My control panel and ftp access was cut off to all of my websites because my developer in India got into a desperate situation, and is holding my sites hostage unless I pay him a few more extra grand than as agreed. He was paid upfront unfortunately, so I can't get my money back. He also is holding hostage to all of my other sites which he was hosting for me. I am totally feeling powerless and would like to find a way to circumvent the situation and get back what is rightfully mine. Obviously the court would be useless in this situation. I figured if there were any tools or methods, that you would know.

    thanks in advance,
    big ideas
  2. drax

    drax Junior Member

    Aug 2, 2008
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    websites - HTTrack - its free but only works on HTML - I think. DB stuff , lots of them but you will need the uid and password to access the schema and i assume your man has been savvy enough to keep them secret!
  3. dparker

    dparker Newbie

    Feb 7, 2009
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    Software enginner
    For the database, if you have the connection string, you can get a backup of the database by running a cli command. Here is the command you can run in the mysql cli to to the backup.

    [FONT=courier new, courier, mono]mysqldump -u [username] -p [password] [databasename] > [backupfile.sql]

    As for getting php / java files, by directly accessing the url is impossible. Someone correct me if i'm wrong. PHP and java generate HTML to display and its impossible to reverse engineer html into php or java.

    Those website tools will just scrape the html, images, css, javascript, flash, or basically any file that is needed to recreate the website and save the files. You will have your website, but it would not be dynamic. You will be left with a bunch of static files. But it cannot reverse engineer it into the code (java / php) that generated it.
  4. SEO20

    SEO20 Elite Member

    Mar 25, 2009
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    We are not allow to talk about hacking in this forum. It sure smells a bit like there is some hacking in the oven to need this ;-)
  5. keinehabe

    keinehabe Supreme Member

    Nov 4, 2008
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    -= CEO =-
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    taking back what's yours or make a backup it's not means hacking dude :) ... even is not a BH ... it's just a measure of precaution which everyone have handy just in case id something happens
    Maybe this will help you , with this toy you can save the backup if you have ftp username and password and db username and password ( which can be easy found on ftp anyway if you are have your sites using some cms like wordpress/drupal/joomla/openx ...
    ) anyway ... since I see the OP it's have no access to ftp and such ... it's worthless , this will be a lesson for you to not pay upfront anyone never anymore for any SERVICE ... this is the hole idea with SERVICES , they MUST be payd just AFTER the job is done :) ... and hosting your sites on india ... let face it you do it wrong lol , I have friends indians I respect them and they respect me .. but hosts can't be serious here :) .. yes .. maybe cheap workers to do grunt work ... but ... :) anyway ... it's a lesson which you learn I hope :)

    Last edited: May 17, 2009
  6. RandomName

    RandomName Junior Member

    Apr 14, 2009
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    you can't get hold of the php source without having access to the server via ftp or other similar direct access - php runs on the server and prepares html/whatever ready to pass on to the client, so if you're connecting through any other method the only thing you'll see is the final output (i.e. the output from the php code rather than the actual php code itself) - that's the way it's designed to work I'm afraid.

    As for getting hold of your db - as everyone else has said, you need credentials (logon details) for that, so unless you have those (or the developer hasn't guarded against sql injection) then you're buggered I'm afraid

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