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    Do a search for "free blog sites" and pick one you like. Begin setting up your blog. 2. Make posts to the blog every day. Make your blog about a subject you love. Once you become accumtomed to posting to your blog and making some money from it, you can expand to more blogs about things that are "niche" markets that you don't know so much about. . 3. After you've entered a half dozen or dozen posts, get a Google Adsense account that links to your blog site. If you use blogger, AdSense can be added from the beginning. Other free blogging sites may offer this at the start-up as well. As your readers visit your blog, they will begin to look at the ads and click through on those. Whenever purchases are made, you earn commissions. It may not be much at first; it just takes time. The more skilled you become about key words and SEO, and the more readers you gather, the more income you will earn.
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