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    hi, I'm still very new to this black hatter stuff of seo. Im coming from a decade of web development and all the stuff im learning here is just astonishing to how i can market my site properly. From wat i know so far it seems the main programs are just xrumer, senuke, and scrapebox.

    i want to buy them but i think i rather try it out with one of you guys first, but i can see the potential.

    I just cant imagine these tricks works, i still remember the days of keyword stuff on sites. I thought that was silly, but hell it made people alot of money. I see this is the new upgrade phase of it. I've always dealt with the white hat stuff by coding properly for spiders. Never really bothered with backlinking or creating mini sites.

    i hope i can contribute here one day and help everyone out too... this is now my new must check site everyday along with my other ones...