Damnit, my KNEE!


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Nov 1, 2007
Went to check the PO Box last week. Crouched down and.... POP!
I felt something pop toward my outer knee. I stood up and it popped
back in. Was sore the next day, but was doing ok.

5 days later I went to take a picture of my kids. Did the same stupid
crouch-down and this time... a real nice painful "POP!!!"

Great. Barely made it back to the truck. Went in to ER. x-rays showed
nothing. I need to schedule an MRI, but can't right now. Got some ibuprofen
and muscle relaxer. Feeling better but, not great. It's sore, but not terrible.

Man... I forgot how much an injury can take out of you. Can't wait for it
to get better... I hope it's not a constant problem.
I am no medical expert, but consider this...
by the way, not knowing your age / sex / race / Body mass index etc..
it is hard to diagnose, but feel free to pm me if you like.
1). it might be a ligament / cartridge damage (torn or otherwise),
this can happen to sports stars / peole who are very fit by over exerting themselves or by a simple twist to the lower leg, and it is also not helpfull if you are carring a few extra pounds if your are not that fit.
2). possiblity of rheumatoid arthritis,
- check the history in your family as it is generic -
and if it is this, then take some medication which will strengthen
the tissue etc... near the knee.
In the UK and ireland, we have
which acts as rebuilders to improve the knee's performance,
but it is NOT a painkiller as such.
(ibuprofen and other muscle relaxers can ease the pain,
but it is an anti imflammatory, and is sometimes sore on the stomach,
but there are more targetted, specific pain killers which you can get,
which may also be cheaper and more effective).

Hope you get better soon, and if it continues over a few weeks,
then get it checked out, in case it gets worse, simple advise i know,

Good Luck
Ya destroying your knee sucks happened to me playing basketball 2 years ago i think it will never feel the same
Sucks dude... I tore ACL from my knee ********ing twice. Waiting for an operation right now...
i bet it's meniscus damage.
i'm pretty sure my clunking when bending knee is a meniscus tear
outer tears can be healed but hopefully you get an answer after mri
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